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2023 booking open

Ranger Charters RI is veteran owned and operated providing inshore and off shore fishing for the experienced angler. Safety ,Satisfaction, and Service is our goal. Lets us provide a charter that you want, and a experience you won't soon forget!

Past Trips

Mission Statement

The job is different but the mission is the same. From the front lines to tight lines, Ranger Charters RI is about service. We pride ourselves on a safe, fun, and an educational hands-on experience.

Charter Packages 36' Contender

Inshore Trips


4hr- 6 pax inshore bass / blue - 700.00

8hr - 6 pax inshore bass / blue - 950.00

Block Island

10hr - 6pax - 1100.00

Full Day - 6 pax - 1600.00

*Late June - October*

Bottom Fishing

Boat limits - 6 pax - 800.00



 Canyon trips - 6 Pax 3800.00

*Late June - Oct*

*All trips are not including 20% gratuity*

Charter Packages 20' bay boat

Inshore Trips

4hr- 2 pax inshore bass / blue - 400.00

6hr - 2 pax inshore bass / blue - 600.00

Bottom Fishing

4hr- 2 pax Bay Fluke/Seabass/Tog  400.00

6hr - 2 pax Bay Fluke/Seabass/Tog 600.00

These charters are LIGHT TACKLE for 1-2 anglers, we will be casting only! soft plastic-lures with spinning gear. We are able to get into the skinny water amongst the rocks and hard to reach sports of Narragansett upper bay.


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